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Welcome To Electric Machine Lab
We introduce ourselves as the manufacturers, importers, distributors and suppliers of Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Welding, Automobile Engineering Equipment based in Ahmedabad - Gujarat ,India.

These are highly-accurate, multi-utility and pre-calibrated instruments, designed for critical and complex processes. The products cater to a wide variety of business segments including ITI, Polytechnical Engineering, IIT & Research Centre.
The founder of the company Mr. Sorabh Jain has vast experience in this field which results in the functionality, product development and services.
Premier Enterprise is an ISO 9001 Certified Company.
  3 phase xmer with control panel
  5 kva 3phase transformer
  10 kva 3 phase transformer
  Brake loading arrangement
  Complete experimental setup of measurement lab
  Complete experimental setup panel board
  Control system lab training kit
  Cut section of machines
  Cut section working
  Cut section working model
  Cut section working model 2
  DC Comound Motor Lab Trainer
  DC compound motor
  DC power supply
  DC Series Machine Lab
  Distributional central control panel
  Electric drive lab panel board
  Electrical accesories
  Hopkinson's Test of DC Machine
  IM fault simulator
  Ind Motor Comp Generator Lab Trainer
  Measurement lab bridge & network lab kit
  Parrallel operation of 2 xmer
  Power system lab
  DC Machines
  AC Machine CagePhase Wound
  S charge motor
  Shunt Motor Series Generator Lab Trainer
  Single ph energy meter demonstrator
  Single phase induction motor lab
  Single phase induction motor lab 2
  Single-three phase xmer trainer
  Sumpner's Test
  Swinburn test
  Synchronising control panel
  Three phase synchronous generator lab
  Three phase synchronous motor lab
  Transformer 1-3 phase
  Transformer 3 ph-5KVA
  Variable auto transformer
  Various loads
  Various type of load
  Ward Leonard Method of DC Machine
  Xmer with control panel 1phase